As cities grow and modernize, the development of new projects as well as infrastructure improvements and additions help to keep them active and vibrant. New urban buildings are at the forefront of change and modernity in cities and serve diverse purposes, comprising high rises, hotels, multi- and single-family residences, restaurants, shopping centres, and more. Jubilee Engineering has been involved in many significant projects in the City of Calgary and surrounding cities, and managed unique challenges through the process. Jubilee Engineering has provided engineering services for numerous multi-family apartment and townhouse projects for prominent clients, such as Jayman Homes, Truman Developments, Cardel Homes, Morrison Homes, and many more.

Urban projects present unusual challenges: as they are often built in dense areas, consideration must be taken of the surrounding buildings, utilities, and environment. The Livingston Place project, for example, required both 2nd Street and 2nd Avenue S.W. at the entrance of the Chinese Cultural Centre to be raised above the 1:100 year flood level of the Bow River. This required the roads to be raised 1.5 to 2m above the existing road grades.

Following this project, our company was awarded three other similar projects where roads needed to be raised above the flood elevation. These and other achievements have contributed to Jubilee Engineering's portfolio of accomplishments in the area of urban design.

Other notable developments in which Jubilee Engineering played a significant role include:

  • 3 Expansions to the Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre
  • Expansion to the High River Recreational Centre
  • La Caille on the Bow
  • Livingston Place
  • Grenville Germain Hotel
  • Crowchild Professional Building
  • One Executive Place
  • Cambrian Office Complex
  • Seton Recreational Centre
  • City Centre