Environmental Protection is a frequent issue of concern for us in our work, and needs to be considered during the design and construction of many new developments. Our work often includes environmental checklists, measures to prevent erosion and water contamination, and considerations on how to preserve the wetlands and landscapes in and around our projects.

Environmental concerns come into sharp focus during times of crisis. During the floods of 2005 the Town of Okotoks experienced an environmental emergency. The existing sanitary siphon under the Sheep River washed away. The town immediately turned to Jubilee Engineering for a timely solution. Partnering with Mears Canada, we were able to provide a new design and completed the construction of a new, more secure siphon within weeks of the disaster.

Ultimately environmental protection is a vital part of what we do; from limiting runoff from sites to protect city watersheds to preserving wetlands on sites and more, we take care to ensure our work protects the environment wherever possible.

Featured Project: NW Employment Lands

The NW Employment Lands is a commercial development in Calgary next to the Inland Athletic Park. Calgary Parks had a problem; the newly constructed irrigation pond on the site was undersized for their watering needs and, worse, it also leaked.

In lieu of building a new stormwater pond to contain the storm runoff generated by the commercial subdivision, we proposed to expand the existing pond within the park and add a geosynthetic liner to help contain water in the pond. However, Calgary Parks was still concerned about the water quality of the runoff from the subdivision.

In partnership with Vortechnics Canada, Jubilee Engineering proposed and built a cast-in-place oil/grit separator, which at the time was the largest in western Canada. The 2436CIP model treats all the stormwater runoff and removes a minimum of 85% of the total suspended solids before entering the park's irrigation pond.

This practical and innovative solution worked for both the City of Calgary and the land developer, and more importantly helped reduce the environmental footprint of the site.

Other noteworthy projects that demonstrate our commitment to protecting the environment include:

  • Royal Vista Wetlands
  • Cimarron West Wetlands
  • Whispering Greens Irrigation Ponds
  • Airdrie Storm Ponds and Outfall to the Nose Creek
  • Multiple oil-grit separators in Calgary and surrounding areas